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Black Country Music

Listening for Revolutions

I am honoured to be included in this remarkable piece of literature by

Francesca T. Royster


"Country music is finally reckoning with In this timely work-the first book on Black country music by a Black writer-Francesca Royster uncovers the Black performers and fans, including herself, who are exploring the pleasures and possibilities of the genre."


What a treat and a  lovely surprise to get some handclaps from Miss Chatelaine herself!  Responding to my lockdown video for 
You're So Common
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Thank you KD!


The London Folk Club Heritage Project with Ewan Wardrop, presents
​The History of London Folk Clubs at  Cecil Sharp House
june history of folk clubs

 Sweet Thames:

The London Folk Club Heritage Project with Ewan Wardrop, presents The History of London Folk Clubs at  Cecil Sharp House

Thank you for inviting me to sing at this amazing even

-and hats off to Dr. Sam Carroll and everyone working on this amazing project! What a magical evening!

If you're a Londoner, if you've ever lived here or if you like origin stories and music , The History of London Folk Clubs is for you!

Collaboration Station

At the brilliant GANSTAGRASS show

 in Oslo Hackney, 

We agreed. 

The collaboration is GO!

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by Alan Richard.  Soul Country Magazine

DeLila Black's Country-Punk Vision

"In a little club in London, DeLila Black marches on stage in a dark, honky-tonk western shirt, slacks with an oversized belt-buckle, and dreadlocks. She brandishes a whip and flogs the floor as her two bandmates unleash a soulful, pop-punk, guitar-driven, garage-rockabilly musical assault."

Color Me Country Artist Grant

CMC add.jpg

I am  honoured to

be a recipient of the

Color Me Country

Artist Grant

Thank you

Rissi Palmer and co!

Marcus K. Dowling
"The dreadlocked, Bobbie Gentry-loving, Haitian-born Brit DeLila Black writes songs that highlight her profound sensitivity to Black struggles and country music’s future."





Hey peeps!  This one's a very country vibe and I am so honoured to have featured guest musician, Mr. BJ Cole playing lap steel guitar on this good ol' fashioned tune.

Recorded, mixed and mastered remotely during lock down. 

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The Isolation Collection’s AMERIKA

amerika 1.jpg

We are happy to announce the launch of

The Isolation Collection’s AMERIKA - Room ONE

We would like to thank and congratulate the following artists:

Jamika Ajalon - Andi Arnovitz. - DeLila Black ...

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