"Imagine KD Lang, Grace Jones  and Jack White at church, then imagine them at Fight Club."

With roots going back to the mountains of Haiti and to the hills of Tallahassee Florida, DeLila Black sings  tales of love, longing, betrayal and vengeance that evoke an atmosphere of 'Country-Noire'.


Having recorded with the late  Mr. Tom Paley (whom she calls "the great encourager") DeLila went on to create music visuals that have captured the eye of producer Tony Visconti. 


As she jumps from traditional  to modern and back - then straddling both - DeLila  creates  her distinct "Electro-Mountain" sound

accompanied by The Life And Death's,  Justin Buckley on guitar.  


It's a mix of Alt-Americana that rocks punk-country, cradles acoustic blues and lands on good ol' traditional.

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Music, art & solitude.

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