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DeLila Black Fundraiser for Grassroots Law Project

Grassroots Law Project. "We combine the best of grassroots organising with legal expertise to radically transform policing and justice in America" Find out more about Grassroots Law Project 

As an independent artist, doing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) myself, with a full on day job, I'm hoping to raise £500. With the help of people spreading the word, and with music industry professionals joining in, perhaps together we can raise more.

We're very pleased to have Ben Paley as a guest musician on this project. Thank you Ben for your contribution!


 Ben Paley - Fiddle

Sean Dillon - Banjo

Steven Gerred - Acoustic guitar, upright bass

Justin Buckley - Electric guitar

DeLila Black - Vocals, programming

News clips from TYT

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