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I'm DeLila Black

I make music,  I also make video clips,   and performance art.  I was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  Immigrated to New York and now live in London.   


I've been developing my own Alt-Americana sound, exploring what I call Electro-Mountain,  Country-Noire, Punk-Country, Afro-Billy,  Roots-Rodeo-Rocknroll.  I also do some genre jumping, mashups, mix tapes and  traditional.  

I look for cultural overlaps and explore them. 

I have had the honour of working with the late, great Mr. Tom Paley.  


I make performance clips that convey a mood or situation. They are snapshots of ideas I would like to develop further. I'm thrilled that  legendary producer, Tony Visconti loves my work.  I hope you will like it too. (Here is what he had to say)

My highest profile performances have been at London 2012 Olympics and an audience with former  HRH Prince Charles and the  Duchess of Cornwall in attendance.

I support myself by working at my local community centre.  I create  all costumes, and all work involved myself.  If  you would like to help  support head to  BUY ME A COFFEE  or my PATREON PAGE.  

Your generosity  goes a long way in helping to keep doing what I do.  I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

-And thank you  for visiting.

Vanilla Ice Cream

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