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The world has changed and I don't want to go back to "normal".
As we adjust to the new ways of doing things, remember to be patient with each other.
New music still being made.  More to come. 
A new radio show on Apple Music.
Color Me Country  brings to the forefront the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx histories of country music that for too long have lived outside the spotlight and off mainstream airwave.  Rissi Palmer  invites me for a chat! 
Date to be announced.
 We're on the  bill          Thurs 3rd Sept The festival features some cool event panels and workshops as well as featuring punx of colour.  Running from Sept 1-6. Get FREE tickets here. Donations encouraged. 
by Alan Richard.  Soul Country Magazine

DeLila Black's Country-Punk Vision

"In a little club in London, DeLila Black marches on stage in a dark, honky-tonk western shirt, slacks with an oversized belt-buckle, and dreadlocks. She brandishes a whip and flogs the floor as her two bandmates unleash a soulful, pop-punk, guitar-driven, garage-rockabilly musical assault."



 What the folk

is going on in London? Trad2Mad contest winners.

Aug-Sept issue of

London Folk Magazine, it's DeLila Black! Get your copy here only £2 

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Islington Folk Club

DeLila Black:  The Defiant

Country Punk Voice We Need Now

UK Artist With Southern Roots Releases Stunning Quarantine Video


By Dale Henry Geist, Editor

DeLila Black first popped up on my radar via Twitter. She got my attention by, well, being a Black, queer, UK-based country artist, which is unusual enough. But here’s where I gotta cop to something: I didn’t check out her music until this week. I’d have gotten to it eventually (my list is long) but the eruption of the Black Lives Matter protests and the conversation around them sent Black artists to the top of my list.

NEW DEMO SINGLE -You're So Common
ysc freez frame news.jpg
New demo and new video recorded during Lock Down. This new demo is a fundraiser for the actual recording.   It's a teaser to the Electro Mountain EP due later this year.   
Producer Tony Visconti has offered to take the photo
for  the artwork for the project!
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Honoured to be included on this amazing

SPOTIFY  playlist by the incomparable

Mr. DAN WHITENER aka Danjo the Banjo of GANSTAGRASSalong with some extraodinary female artists. 

Honoured to have performed at the Haitian Embassy in  London, in  celebration of Jean-Jacques Dessalines'  Birthday.

Dessalines was leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti under the 1805 constitution. Dessalines defeated the French army at the Battle of Vertières in 1803, declaring Haiti an independent nation in 1804.

 London Remix  Festival.  Winner DJ Remix Competiton - Disco Lift - Americana Mashups!



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Presentation for UHUK 

Haitian Flag Day


LUMANE CASIMIR, First Lady of  Haitian Folk Song  1917? - 1953

Ongoing  Working on Music/Visual/

Cultural Project TRIGGER WIFE

Recording with the TWIGGER TWINS.

MARCH...International Womens' Day take over with Marianne Hyatte. on Reel Rebels Radio 

Soon to launch on new
membership platform to support myself and fellow artiststs during the health crisis.
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